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Ever wish you had more control over your life? I’m guessing your answer is a resounding, “yes, who wouldn’t?”Mind-reading and mind-control aside, the fact is, it’s human nature. Most everyone wants and struggles for control, few want to be controlled, and fewer, yet, like being out of control, except in controlled environments.To

It's been said that your success in life depends on how well you "sell" yourself and your ideas to others. This statement becomes particularly meaningful when we realize that everyone is already a salesperson, whether a successful one or not. We are all selling something, whether products or services, our

Instant coffee, instant soup, fast food restaurants, TV dinners, and microwave ovens — each an attempt to save and preserve our most precious asset—time! Time to smell the roses…time to love. Yet, in spite of an endless array of modern time-saving technologies and conveniences, most of us still feel that time

One Communication to Rule to Help Us Get Along Q. How do you get opposing forces to be able to talk to each other, despite their conflicting opinions and diverse perspectives?A. You get them to agree to one thing, a communications rule by Carl Rogers. It creates an environment that forces hearing and listening. It allows the opposing voices to vent

What highly productive people know that makes them extra-smart and unusually productive. Question: When you hear someone referred to as smart, what do you think they mean? Do they mean the individual has advanced degrees, they’d be great on jeopardy, or have a high IQ? Yeah, that might apply.Personally, when I label

(Enlightened Self-Interest) Does the pursuit of your own personal goals ever make you feel selfish or guilty? Unless you’re a saint, I’m guessing your answer is yes. On the other hand, some people no longer feel guilty because they feel they’ve spent their lives living for others and then they were gone, and