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Continue Take Flight. Achieve more in your real estate career, live life to the fullest, and create a lasting legacy. Soar with your guide to real estate success, Roger Hance.

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Learn more about Roger Hance on this inaugural episode of the Ambitious Broker Podcast.

Watch the latest episode of the Ambitious Broker Podcast!

Hosted by Roger Hance, The Ambitious Broker podcast is where elite real estate professionals share their secrets to success, discuss topics impacting their industry and gain professional development insights.

Roger may have one of the most diverse resumes in real estate today.

Roger began selling in elementary school, going door to door selling newspaper subscriptions and Christmas cards. Later while going to college, he began selling Kirby Vacuums part time, which involved going door to door.

His real estate sales began in 1974 at 21 years old with the Northridge California office of Forest E. Olsen company. The company had offices all over Southern California.

In 1975, he was honored with the new top agent in the company and then followed that up in 1976 with a top ten agent ranking.

In those few years, he won many awards for top listings sold and top sales, selling over 50 properties each year.

In 1977, he finished the year as the top listings sold agent in the company and top income producer.

His real estate sales were generated through very traditional methods. For Sale by Owners, Expireds, Open Houses and newspaper advertising, etc. The lead generation category that became his trademark however, was Farming.

His creative marketing methods and strategy led to a market share of as much as 40% in his area. This led to the company asking him to start training his methods to the Forest E. Olsen agents. In 1977 he developed a class and conducted monthly classes up to the time he left to start his own company in March of 1978.

Roger started his own real estate brokerage company in March of 1978. The company was named R.R. Gable Real Estate. There isn’t anyone by that name associated with the company. He just made the name up because he liked the way it sounded.

While continuing to be the company’s top sales agent for many years, his true passion was discovered in building the brokerage business.

He immediately started training his agents on the farming techniques that had led to his success. With his agents adding this to their existing systems of doing business, the company had an almost instant success.

He developed leading edge principles on prospecting, client follow up, and lead management.

By the early 1980’s, he discovered the potential of computers and started rethinking the possibilities of every marketing and lead generating system.

His company did not hire new or part-time agents in the beginning because he felt other companies had better systems for helping new agents. His expertise was helping experienced agents get to the next level. However, in the mid 1980’s after developing an unprecidented number of new systems using the advantages of computers Roger started to develop a training program for new agents.

He developed a full time four week program that taught all aspects of the business. It was the premiere program in real estate training for new licensees. Many of the top money earners in the business today were graduates of the program including several million dollar per year income producing agents.

The per person productivity level is what mattered the most to Roger and how he feels you grade yourself as a manager and trainer. That is why he takes greatest pride in the average income of his agents and the level of productivity which was as high as 2.5 listing sold per month per agent with the company.

Roger built this company to 10 offices and 600 sales agents before selling the company in the late 1990’s.

Along the way he also managed his own mortgage, escrow and building companies.

This is where Roger developed the reputation as being a premiere thought leader and leading edge developer of real estate systems.

He redesigned and improved every lead generation system from “For Sales By Owners” to “Farming by use of creative marketing or automation.

“He designed and built the most advanced lead management and marketing systems.

He created and implemented new technologies including the first company to use “Voice Mail” with their phone system, a must have technology in any business today.

People first started noticing his innovation in the marketing strategies that he developed in “Farming” and “For Sale By Owners”. The types of marketing pieces, the frequency of their use, and the cooperative efforts of the sales agents involved caught peoples attention.

In the early 1980’s though, Roger started building the very first computer systems to be used in the Real Estate Industry and that is where his innovation became very visible.

Prior to the personal computer being commonly used Roger had a computer terminal at every desk in his multiple office company.

His office was recognized by the Nattional Association of Realtors as a top ten facility in the nation and the introduction of the computer to the industry gained attention and publication of many of his innovations.

He is credited with developing the very first computer client/lead management system in the business. A system that in a number of features is still more advanced than those systems of today such as “Top Producer”, “Agent Office”, and the many others.

He designed the first computerized escrow processing software and integrated it with the real estate agents terminal to allow follow up and document delivery.

He used the computer to introduce the term “Target Marketing” to the industry and built special systems for all types of marketing from “Just Listed” and “Just Solds” to follow up letters to newsletters.

Computers allowed the collection and analysis of information to be done in different ways so that led to the development of many new management systems from advertising to agent motivation.

Drive by Radio was introduced by Roger as a Marketing Tool. An innovation that was featured by every Television Station in Los Angeles and the subject of the pilot show of “Better Homes and Gardens”. Drive by Radio allowed a person to drive up to the front of a home and tune their car radio in to hear a message about that home. After it was introduced and placed on every listing of the company it was so productive that it was published in newspapers all over the country from the Wall Street Journal to Star magazine.

His innovation continues today with new systems for escrow processing being used by multiple escrow businesses in the southland.

He has been involved with a number of startup companies involved with Medicine, Hydrogen sensors, Music, and Social Networking.

Today, Roger is busy with many different business efforts.

He still owns and operates a Department of Corporations regulated Escrow company named Escrow Technologies.

From 2003 – 2012 Roger consulted in opening 10 different real estate companies, a mortgage company, and 12 different escrow companies in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. This also involved ongoing use of proprietary escrow computer systems and oversite.

He spends much of his time consulting and coaching owners of real estate, martgage, escrow, and title companies.

He is still training real estate agents with his private clients and has recently decided to do seminars outside of his consulting clients. His seminars will be on subjects ranging from prospecting, to time management and goal setting, to the use of automation. More on that to come!

Seeing a loss of relevance of the real estate agent and decreased public perception of the VALUE of career real estate agents, he sought a solution in the form of a brand new MODEL of real estate Brokerage. After a full year at the drawing board he founded a Network named BrokerInTrust as a new way to bring honor to those who have proven their commitment to the profession. It also is designed to enable clients to understand the difference between those with commitment and those with less commitment with the goal of directing clients away from those who have less value. He simply felt the consumer needs a much better way to be able to determine true professionals with greater value than most. Brokers who are in the top 15% of the industry.

This has led to his personal career decision and dedication to be an ADVOCATE for career oriented professionals. All his work from this point on is to help those who are very serious about a long term future in real estate brokerage. It is taking form in this new network and the coaching of real estate professionals who want to grow to excellence and the option to be able to earn membership in the new network.

Roger lives in Southern California and has one son Brandon. Brandon was born in 1982 and graduated from USC in 2005. While attending USC he was a quarterback on 2 National Championship teams and graduated with acedemic Honors. Brandon has followed Roger into the real estate business as a builder and developer.

He is a pilot and flies his own Cirrus SR22 airplane. He uses his flying for business and pleasure. Most of his flying is on the west coast generally from the Rocky Mountains to the ocean and from the Bay Area south to San Diego.

His hobbies are mostly sports…He is an expert water and snow skier…loves basketball, which he isn’t very good at… and has been active in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 15 years. He has taken his passion of coaching into sports as well and has coached football up through the high school level including a Los Angeles City High School Championship.

Roger was married a second time in 2007 to Lilly Rose who is also in the real estate industry.

Advocate for the Career Professional

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