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Continue Career Timeline With a career spanning almost 5 decades, explore Roger's Career Timeline.

Roger Hance Career Timeline

Sep. 1974

Entry into the real estate business

Roger Hance entered the Real Estate Business as a Real Estate Agent

Jan. 1978

Early Wins

Roger named Top 10 Producer Companywide, Southern California for 1977

Mar. 1978

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Start R.R. Gable, Inc.

Mar. 1981

High Performance

At this time Roger captured 35% market share in an established market - exceptionally high per sales agent production rate.

Jun. 1983

Adopting Technology

Development of the first computerized systems for Real Estate Brokerage Management, CRM, Escrow Processing


Getting Into Escrow

Started Escrow Technologies, Inc.


Innovations in Marketing

Continued creation of unique marketing tools and methodologies. Highlighted by "LORA" - messages about listed home broadcast over short range radio which received national recognition in newspapers and television.


Setting a Higher Standard

N.A.R. awards the company with Top 10 Company Facilities in the United States

1988 - 1995


Expanded company to 13 offices



Sold Real Estate Brokerage Company


Paperless Escrow

Created the first "Paperless Escrow" with digital integration

2002 - 2013


Consulting with Real Estate Brokerage owners and managers - helped over 10 companies with consulting in opening and managing escrow companies and coaching real estate agents.

2005 - Present

Broadening Horizons

Angel investor and consultant in startup businesses in Music, Medicine, and Computer Chip Manufacturing.

2010 - 2020


Director in Mortgage and Real Estate Associations including president of the 10,000 member Southland Association of Realtors

2013 - Present

Utilizing the Blockchain

Consulting in new Real Estate business models using Blockchain and other new technologies including the creation of a new type of High Standard Real Estate Broker Association.

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