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Experienced Real Estate Industry Consulting.

After selling his real estate company in 1998 Roger spent about a year writing and spending time with real estate agents helping with their sales careers.

Then he was back to creating again when he started building an escrow process that became the first paperless escrow system. As he started sharing his new ideas and systems, he was asked by a former sales agent with his company to help him start a new real estate company. His decision to never own another real estate brokerage company lead to an agreement to help on a consulting business rather than being a partner.

That chance phone call lead to a new endeavor for Roger, who has since consulted in opening more than 20 real estate, escrow and mortgage businesses.

As he says, the knowledge he gained in the 25 years selling real estate and building a real estate company was a priceless experience. He has grown to love sharing that experience in helping others. The next stage of his career in consulting with many different companies and business executives was a completely different set of eye-opening experiences. Interacting with so many different business models, brands, and business owners brought even further insight and personal experience to share.  The way goals, personalities, tools, personal experiences, brand value propositions, and timing interact at the same time to affect every decision a business owner must make has been fun, exciting, and has continued his personal growth. He says “Businesses are so similar in so many ways and can benefit from lessons learned from each because of that. For me though it creates still yet another creative opportunity because in the end each are very different companies even with the similarities.”

He has consulted beyond the real estate business as well with time spent in the music, online merchandizing, noon-profits, and associations.

In the most recent years Roger has worked with exploring different business models in real estate. There are many money sources now that feel real estate is a high likely industry to be subject to major disruption. So, working with high tech ideas to change the state of the industry is a more common discussion today. He has worked with companies exploring online systems to streamline the home buying experience from the use of blockchain technology to simply moving into the cloud and functioning without traditional offices. He also gone beyond brokerage to helping with the design of the next level of association of brokers to explore the value of bringing cooperation back and working to raise the professional level of practitioner.

Moving forward he is continuing to coach and consult with Real Estate sales agents, owners and managers of real estate related companies. He is hopeful he can play a role in both designing better ways to do things and increasing the productivity everyone he works with in and outside of the real estate profession

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