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Established in 1983, Escrow Technologies Inc. is a Southern California-based Independent escrow company regulated by the California Department of Corporations, with branch offices in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

By definition, an escrow holder is a neutral third party, and we take this responsibility very seriously on behalf of each and every customer we serve. Our Mission is to provide you with an unparalleled experience of what a well-handled escrow can (and should) be.

We accomplish our mission by hiring highly experienced escrow professionals and providing them with the best tools available for getting the job done most efficiently. We make sure that our escrow officers have the experience and training it takes to assess and understand your transaction, to carry out the details of your contracts to the letter, and to help coordinate the efforts of the many parties involved, proactively avoiding obstacles by maintaining excellent communication throughout the process.

We are committed to working with leading edge technology. Great tools enable us to streamline processes and communicate more effectively, both of which are required for providing the great service you expect and deserve.

Escrow Technologies not only employs leading edge technologies, but we are also the actual developers of many of the best tools and processes utilized in the industry today. In the early 1980’s, determined to perfect what we saw as flaws or omissions in software then available in the marketplace, we wrote and developed our own escrow processing program. (Originally intended for our internal use only, it’s now in wide usage by other companies as well.) Ours was the most advanced escrow processing system – until we rebuilt it in the early 2000’s, improving it yet again to take advantage of the internet and newly developing digitizing tools. We have been a paperless operation since 2002 – every document is converted into a digital image, which allows us to keep you in the loop around the clock with advanced Email communication and Online status tracking.

Our staff, experience, tools and commitment have enabled us to advance and excel in the processing of escrows of all types, including Commercial and Residential real estate sales and refinances, and have given us specific advantages in the specialized REO and Short Sale markets.

We look forward to working with you. Let us show you how it’s done.

Here’s to your successful escrow!

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